Forum back online..:))
The forum is available again...
Posted on: 06 August 2002 by: xtonyx
Forum temporarily down...
The Forum is down at the moment, we're currently investigating the reason. We will report here, when the forum will be back online.
Posted on: 05 August 2002 by: xtonyx
2nd Training Session Results...
All results of Today's 2nd Training Session have been added, check out the "Race Results"-section...

We had some awesome close racing for 20 laps...thnx all for showing up!

Matt you really missed out on a great race, hope you get your connection problems solved real soon...:(
Posted on: 04 August 2002 by: xtonyx
2nd Official Training Schedule added...
All who are not sun-bathing on some chick-filled sandy beach in a foreign country, far away from home (and their PC)...can check the Training schedule for coming Sunday..:))

Most likely Matthias and me wil also join the A2 Pool (and hopefully see some other "cant-get-enough-of-racing-those-damn-VRgt-cars-but-aren't-really-scheduled-in-this-pool"-buddies there too).

Hope you have fine-tuned your setups a bit and are ready to leave the pits like the cars on the right...
Posted on: 03 August 2002 by: xtonyx
2nd Training Session...
Teams who would like to attend the 2nd Training Session, please see the "Races" section in the Forum.

(If you don't reply in that thread it will be taken as that you don't want to attend this Training Session and your team will not be scheduled)
Posted on: 01 August 2002 by: Matt
Training Session Results...
All results of Today's Training Session have been added, check out the "Race Results"-section...

We were quite amazed by the laptimes acchieved today ;-)

On a more serious note, we were a bit dissapointed by the number of Drivers showing up. If you are unable to make it, please let us know in the Forum (also if you have any problems with the Schedule, please let us know!)

Thnx everyone that did show up today for the awesome races *and great to see we even had Mirrored_Cat showing up at 3 Pools..:))*
Posted on: 28 July 2002 by: xtonyx
Official Traning Session...
To be able to test if everything is ready for the start of the Championship, I would like to ask all Drivers who will attend Sunday's Training Session to pick 2 drivers from 2 different Teams from within the Pool you are racing to upload a screenshot of the Race Results.

You can upload these at the "Add Result"-section (See "Race results"-section).

Please crop your image before uploading you screenshot (see example on the right) and don't forget to rename the jpg-image to the name specified when you are asked to upload it.
Posted on: 27 July 2002 by: xtonyx
Training Schedule Updated...
There has been a swap between Pools for the following Teams:

-Team Supreme
-Guitar Gods

Please check the schedule...!

To be able to make a schedule that fits everyone it would be best if every Team would post their Time-Zone difference with VRgt Time (London Time) and also please add the City you live in (please use the Forum for that).
Cya tomorrow on the Track..:))
Posted on: 27 July 2002 by: xtonyx
Training Schedule Activated...
All activated Teams and drivers have been scheduled for the Traning Session coming Sunday. Check the "Championship Schedule"-section in the menu for the Pool/Time you and your Team-mate have been scheduled to join the Training Session.

Pending Drivers are scheduled to drive in Pool "D" (I will most probably join this Pool also and Matthias hopefully too).

Please let us know in the forum if you and/or your Team-mate have any problems with the scheduled Pool/Time. Offcourse people are welcome to join other Pools besides their scheduled ones when there are places available (when drivers might not make it, or if there are enough other drivers there to start a second race).

Please try to also do a "simulation" of a real Championship Race, and try to use the Rules in the "About"-section as your guideline.
Posted on: 26 July 2002 by: xtonyx
Rules updated....(2)
I would like you all to read the Rules in the "About"-section very carefully before attending this weekends Training-session.

The "Reset-Rule" has been updated, since we thought the previous rule could cause some practical problems when the actual races take place. *Thnx Patwo for the tip*
Posted on: 24 July 2002 by: xtonyx
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